August 10, 2022

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What Jobs Require A Programming Education?

What Jobs Require A Programming Education?

If you have a programming qualification, you are in luck. Openings in this field are 12% higher than for any other skills package. Here we look at the nine jobs you can pursue with a programming education.

Software Application Developer

By 2030, career opportunities in this field are estimated to increase by 22%. This is higher than for all other jobs in and out of programming. The trend is not surprising considering that these are the individuals responsible for creating all the apps we use daily.

Web Developer 

A web developer will need good coding skills. This job entails developing websites for clients and each one adds nicely to your portfolio. You will need to be creative as well as technically skilled. New jobs for web developers are expected to reach 25,500 in 2030.

Computer Systems Engineer

A stable growth of 7% over the next eight years is predicted for computer systems engineers. These specialists may be employed in the IT department of a company or work with a team of consultants. Their role is to improve the efficacy of IT systems.

Database Developer And Database Administrator 

Database developers and database administrators work with database management. The latter manages the database and recovering lost data. The former writes code such as SQL and interfaces with the clients. A bachelor’s degree is required.

Computer Systems Analyst 

This is a strategic position that requires you to have a solid grasp of a company’s business needs. These must be integrated with the right IT systems. The salary is very competitive. You will need a bachelor’s degree for this job. 

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Software quality assurance engineers are at the forefront of applications development. They examine software blueprints and designs to find out what won’t work and how to resolve this. Products are tested and manuals created.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analyst is a marketing position where the person determines the right software to address marketing needs. It is not a direct programming job but enables the incumbent to have a better understanding of what is required. Programming languages that are useful are Java, R, and Python.  

Computer And Information Research Scientist

This is one of the best-paid jobs in the programming industry. In line with its remuneration, the person is expected to have a master’s degree. It is also an interesting career that deals with cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence. Along with computer programming, you will be involved in research and data science.

Network System Administrator

In jobs in smaller companies there may be an overlap between the duties of a network system administrator (NSA) and a system administrator (SA). Larger companies separate the two functions. The SA function is more concerned with computer hardware and software, while the NSA handles the network  LAN and WAN.

Whichever career excites you the most, you will want to get a Desktop for Programming so that you can make the most of your skills and qualification.

If you haven’t chosen a career yet, you would do well to enter programming for future job security and great earning potential.