October 20, 2021

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Tesla, ‘Power Play’ and the Foreseeable future of On line Learning

Electric power Participate in: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Wager of the Century by Tim Higgins

Revealed in August 2021

How might we assume about Tesla in higher ed conditions?

Try this on for sizing:

  • electric powered automobiles = on the internet/blended discovering
  • autonomous driving = low-value on the web scaled levels

More than the following X several years, transportation will development by means of two revolutions. (I say “X” simply because we really don’t know how long these changes will get.)

Initially, we will changeover from internal combustion engines (ICE) to battery-powered electrical propulsion. From fuel to electricity.

Following, cars and trucks and vehicles and buses will turn into self-driving. Or more self-driving. Or one thing.

The 1st transition — gas to energy — is unavoidable. We just don’t know how extensive it will consider.

The 2nd transition — human-pushed to AI/sensor-driven — could or could not be perpetually 5 several years off.

To appear back to our transportation/training equivalencies, we can be self-confident that most (not all) postsecondary education will transition from a totally residential format (ICE) to some form of blended/online studying (electric powered).

We have no plan — at the very least I have no strategy — if we will at any time accomplish higher-excellent/very low-cost on the net degrees at scale (autonomous driving).

What I’m going for is to persuade you — better ed reader — to study Power Enjoy: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century. You really don’t will need to be a Tesla owner (or wannabe owner) to get worth from looking at this ebook. (Whilst, of class, it helps.)

If you browse Power Engage in (and you really should), continue to keep the transportation/bigger ed equations in your head.

Believe about what it has taken for Tesla and the electrical car market place to get to the place it is these days while pondering what route blended/on the web discovering is very likely to get. And then give some thought to the difficulties of autonomous driving, and consider about what will want to take place for us to vastly lessen the price tag of levels through scaled on the internet packages.

With that larger ed framing in intellect, what we master in Electric power Perform may be a bit worrisome.

Why is it that Tesla has reached dominance in the electric vehicle marketplace, and the incumbent — legacy — automakers (GM, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, and many others.) are all participating in capture-up?

If today’s universities are more like GM than Tesla, then what new corporations will arise to press the frontiers of discovering and credentialing forward?

If Electrical power Engage in is to be thought (and I obtain Higgins’s reporting credible), the only purpose that you and I are coveting that Design Y right now is the idiosyncratic tenacity of Elon Musk. Musk primarily arrives throughout as not a very excellent human (occasionally abusive, normally grandiose, and so forth.) but as a singular visionary who willed the contemporary electric vehicle marketplace into existence.

In reading through about the historical past of Tesla with greater ed eyes, 1 is most struck with the thought that a character like Musk would hardly ever ascend to a college leadership purpose. At least one hopes not.

In academia, we price collegiality, regularity, civility and calmness. Helpful better ed leaders are stated to do what they will do.

Musk has none of these characteristics.

If Musk did, Tesla would even now be making a pair of hundred electric roadsters — or much more likely would have disappeared.

Will higher ed need its personal Elon Musk to speed up the diffusion of on the internet discovering and push the creation of truly higher-top quality/minimal-expense on the web diploma applications?

Do you study guides on electric vehicles to make perception of the future of greater ed?

What are you reading?