January 29, 2023

Educt Geria

The Devoted Education Mavens

How to Be Able to Edit Your Interview

Can you edit interviews to make them more your own? Let’s say I was recording an interview, I would say, I’m recording this, so here is our agreement and I’m going to do an interview with you today. After the interview you are going to give me the rights to edit the interview and then I’ll be posting it up on my site and I may use it for product development down the road, I may want to sell it, I may want to convert it into transcripts and sell those. Is that okay with you? And you get them to say yes. If they say no, they say no. You move on to someone else. But rarely are you going to get anyone to say no, why would they?

There was a recording I heard with Elson Eldridge and it was more like a lecture called, The Obvious Expert. He was interviewed by another well known marketer and I heard it and it was really good and it was perfect for my consultants. I called him up and I said, “Hey, Elson I heard that interview you did with this guy and that thing is really good and it would be perfect for my HMA consultants. I want to know, can I take that interview and edit out the interviewer guy who interviewed you and then you and I will get on the phone and we’ll do an intro where you’ll introduce it to my HMA consultants and my site visitors and then I’ll piece it back together as if it was my own interview.”

So anyone listening to that would never know that the lecture he gave that he wasn’t lecturing to me. He was lecturing to another totally different interviewer but with the editing it made it fit like I did the interview with him. And we were honest because in the introduction I said, “Now, I’m going to take you back to a special lecture that Elson did a number of years ago on how to position yourself as the obvious experts.” And boom, it went through the whole presentation and then at the end of the interview I said, “Hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation.”

So yes, you can find interviews out there and with good editing you can make them your own. Absolutely.